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The Paso Fino horse is a prodigious breed because of its smooth ride, style and grace which makes it the ideal horse for the entire family. This breed has shown an extraordinary growth at all levels around the world, becoming one of the most marketable and popular horses. This growth has prompted the need for a specialized Paso Fino horse professional equestrian with a more thorough knowledge of the art and science of the training, handling and riding of this breed.

A lifetime experience as a Paso Fino master trainer and rider gave Jaime Escudero the vision to understand the need of a specialized school for the Paso Fino breed. His interest and love for the horses moved him to lay the foundations for the first school of its class: Escudero Paso Fino Riding School USA was created in 1995, in Miami, Florida and soon it became the model academy of its kind in the world.

A common interest and love for the Paso Fino made of Maria Alejandra Acero-Escudero the perfect associate for Jaime Escudero and, together they both develop the dream. The addition of other collaborators and enthusiasts accelerated its growth.

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Maria A. Escudero

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