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Amateur Owners & Enthusiasts

We provide Amateur Owners the tools and training necessary for all aspects of horsemanship

Why don’t you give yourself a chance to learn more about your Paso Fino?

We know you want to really enjoy and get the most out of your horse.

Escudero Paso Fino Riding School USA

is the only school where you can learn to handle, ride and, train Paso Fino Horses.

  • Classes for all levels
    Beginners – Amateur Owners – Professionals
  • Specialized and experienced instructors
  • Classes starting from 4 years of age and up
    Children, Youth and Adults
  • More than 30 specially trained horses for your enjoyment
  • Competitive spirit

At Escudero Paso Fino Riding School USA…

  • We have a great lot of horses and mares of excellent quality. All of them have been thoroughly proven by all kinds of riders, young and adults, experienced or novices.
  • We have all types of horses
  • Pleasure, Performance and Classic Fino
  • Financing available

The growth of the Paso Fino community has prompted the need for a specialized Paso Fino horse professional equestrian, with a more thorough knowledge of the art and science of the training, handling and riding of this beautiful breed.

A lifetime experience as a Paso Fino Master Trainer and rider gave Jaime Escudero the vision to understand the need of a specialized school for the Paso Fino breed. That’s why Escudero Paso Fino Riding School USA was created in 1995, in Miami, Florida and soon became the model academy of its kind in the world.

We know that buying a Paso Fino is serious business. It’s an important investment and you want to get the most out of your money. That’s why Jaime Escudero offers you the following check list, so you can make sure that you are making the right choice.

  • Learn how to handle and care for your horse. Learn to ride well.
  • Ask yourself: What do you want the horse for? Trail rides, competitions or breeding?
  • Who will be the primary rider of the horse? Is it a child, a youth or an experienced adult?
  • Do you plan to compete with your horse? If so, what’s the class of your preference? When will you be performing best? Pleasure, Performance or the very competitive Classic Paso Fino?
  • Learn about the temperament or “brio” of the horse.
  • Learn about the character of the horse.
  • Does the horse maintain its lateral gate at all times?
  • Is there a Certificate of Registration issued by the PFHA?
  • Make sure you learn about the vices and bad habits of the horse while in the stall.
  • Check for tricks and habits of the horse while outside and in the arena.
  • Make sure an independent Veterinary doctor examines the horse.
  • Has the horse been trained properly? Has the horse been tamed well?
  • Obtain an expert’s advise.

Know yourself and know your horse.

And that’s precisely what you can get at Escudero Paso Fino Riding School USA. You get the best advise of a trained eye and many years of experience. Jaime Escudero offers you his expertise and knowledge so you can rest assured that you have made the right decision and the best investment.

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