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Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic horseback  riding are lessons designed for physically and mentally disabled kids and adults with a range of disabilities including physical, emotional, cognitive, and social difficulties. It is also known as Equine-assisted activity. Lessons are taught by specialized riding instructors and may take in the help of volunteers who lead the horses and sidewalk next to the riders to ensure their safety.

Our students will learn to ride horses using verbal and physical cues like any other rider. Horses require work, whether in caring for them or working with them.

Participants will be engaged in physical and mental work through out enthusiastic activities like grooming, saddling, washing and walking a horse; also the maintenance of the related equipment, keeping the working area clean and other horse care activities.

There are infinite benefits that horseback riding bring into one’s life. Conducted researches have proven that working with horses can provide more than just riding skills; participants also learn about companionship, responsibility, confidence, leadership, vocational and educational skills as well.

Hippotherapy versus Therapeutic Riding Programs

Hippoteraphy and riding differ primarily in practice and cost.

Hippoteraphy is performed by a licensed physical therapy or occupational therapist with training in hippoteraphy and has very specific physical task and goals. It is therapy using the horse as a living tool. It is very expensive and is some times covered by medical insurance. Goal is to achieve functional gains and enhance life skills and the horse as a tool influences the patient.

Therapeutic riding, also known as equine-assisted activities, on the other hand is more like riding lessons for physically and mentally disabled as well as kids and adults with behavioral and emotional issues. It is a form of physical therapy. It is taught by specialized or certified riding instructors and the goal is to teach riding skills.

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